Friday, July 15, 2011

Heavy Ripple (Ripple Music RIPSGL003)

Ripple music have released a cool double 7” package with four bands all presenting exclusive tracks for this gatefold 7” release with a great inside. All the tracks play on 33rpm. Stone Axe starts things off with Nightwolf (an old Mos Generator track), a bit of AC/DC or is it Ted Nugent inspired track? Maybe Bon Scott like vocals fronting Ted Nugent? Cool stuff. Sungod in Exile (who did a split 7” with Stone Axe) play Over my Broken Bones which is a real rock and roll number conceived under the influence of a lot of Budweiser! Lots of nice guitar solos and some cool organ thrown in as well. Side C is Grifter and they manage to squeeze in two tracks and this is more punky and rocking stuff. The D side is a great song by Mighty High (who also did a split 7” with Stone Axe) killing it with Hempaphobic. All the songs on this are pretty damn cool. It is a really nice package and pressed in 500 copies. 

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