Saturday, February 5, 2011

Electric Moon- Live at Epplehaus 2010 (Sulatron st cdr 010)

Electric Moon is Dave’s (Sula Bassana) new band with his girlfriend Lulu on bass. They have released on album on Nasoni and soon have a 2nd one coming out. This live show features one track on each CD. The first CD is a new piece (jam) called Demoon that lasts for 46 minutes and has a lot of experimentation going on. The next track is Doomsday Machine and this has one of the heaviest riffs that Dave has ever come up with on a guitar and reminds me a bit of the band going into a White Hills kind of direction but with less effects on the guitar and a more clean production. I am not sure what this set costs but I think they only make 100 copies. Pretty cool. If you like Sula and want to hear him really stretch out on the guitar then this is a must have.

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