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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nightslug, Gaia, Death Hound, Sgt Sunshine and Dreich- Ungdomshuset, CPH Oct 16th, 2015

Death Hound
When Tom and I arrived about 20:50 Sgt Sunshine were having a long sound check and also some technical difficulties but they got it all sorted out and it sounded great, except the vocal was way too dry… IT was great to see and talk with Eduardo again after all these years..  There were about 40 people for the first band, Death Hound. They were a three piece that played a mix of traditional doom rock riffs, with a bit more stoney sound at times. The guitar player was a master riffer, with some killer guitar riffs and he sung with a sort of evil, bongzilla like voice but not so raspy. Special vocal. They played 6 songs in about 30mins and Tom and I thought it was really good for a first gig. Heavy drumming (he would also drum in Death Hound) and bass playing.

Set List: King on Wings, Embrace the Hate, Lost in Carcosa, Blood Moon, Witch King, Death Hound

Edwardo (Sgt Sunshine)
Next up was Sgt Sunshine. It had been about 10 years since they last played in Copenhagen. Eduardo (guitarist, singer,songwriter) had recruited two new young guys and I thought they were great. It is pretty intense and difficult bass parts to play the old stuff that Par wrote and he did a good job. I was surprised that the set was only stuff old stuff. No new songs and nothing from the Black Hole CD either.. They play two songs form the III LP though. I guess, he figures this is what people want to hear and their classic 1st album was just rereleased a 2nd time on Heavy Psych Sound records, following the release on Elektrohasch.  Anyway, this being the first gig of the tour (they have 10 gigs), they sounded really good. The classic stoner-kyuss grooves were tight and good but I felt like Eduardo was really holding back on the guitar and not really soloing that much.. He is a fantastic guitar player and very creative.  I enjoyed the set a lot.. Check out the rerelease of their first record at the link below.

Set List: Death (like a Friend in my breath), Sad Song, Beneath the Song, Golden Dawn, Cosmos- Terra, Mountain Song, Northern Light, Holy Mother, Vega

Dreich, were another new 4 piece Copenhagen band, playing also their first gig.. This was super loud and intense sludge… with very intense vocals, I have to say the guys was really powerful and amazing going from the deep death vocals to the higher pitched almost screams.. What a voice.. The music, reminded me a lot of the US band Cough.. but it was not Cough.. There is only one Cough.. They only played about 20mins.. Impressive…

NIGHTSLUG was next from Germany and I was very tired after having a quite hard day so I only stayed to hear one or two songs of these guys. I wish the sound guy had put this kind of delay on Eduardo’s voice but he seemed not to know how or was not willing to. Anyway, this was an intense 3 piece also, with screaming vocals with intense delay and a huge wall of sludgy doomy sound. There was still a great crowd at 12:30..
Set List: The Thrill, Dismal Fucker, No Relief, Under a Bane, Disease, Vile Pigs, All is Hell, Die in Fire

I sadly missed another Måneskjold side project band called Gaia. They play slower spacey doomy stuff. The band was pretty stoned and drunk by the time I left so I guess the show as pretty spaced out.. Pity I could not stay to see it..

IT was a fun night and I had a really nice time talking with this guy Ford from Texas and his wife who have moved to CPH a year ago…  Hope to see them again soon.. Great night.. glad I had earplugs as it was super loud!

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