Friday, May 3, 2019

Hoodoo Ritual- Hoodoo Ritual (Ozium Records OZIUM023)

Hoodoo Ritual is a new Swedish band from Malmö, Sweden.  The CD features 5 long tracks. Great album artwork by a local tattoo artist.  Anyway, this band plays some pretty cool stony music with influences from Mars Red Sky and Colour Haze to mention a few.  The CD starts off with Before I Go. Slow, heavy and stoney with some cool guitar and nice delays on the vocal to give it this psychedelic feel. The melodic guitar line, and texture is very much like Mars Red Sky!  In my time of Killing is more doomy and stoned. Lokomotion is a shorter track but a great groove, a bit like Goatess, if they were more psychedelic. 
Herbs, reminds me a bit of Colourhaze to start but then goes in another direction.  There is a long pause and then the best part of the CD takes off. Wow.. Cool stuff. Beta Ride (demo) is a track that you can find on their bandcamp site and the first music the band recorded in the rehearsal room.  A more raw production sound but the doomy stoned sound is intact!

You can hear the entire album at the link below. 

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