Saturday, July 4, 2015

Seremonia- Hasiskultti 7” (Svart SVR365)

The Finnish Cult rock band are back with a new 7” and full length record. This 7” comes in hash brown and black vinyl editions. The opening track is really cool and translates to Hash Cult. It is very much an anti-hash song though when you read the translated lyrics.  Of course anything in excess is bad for you but not this music!  Very cool dark mystical vibe on this track with heavy bass and some piano lines and Finnish vocals.. Hulluus (Insanity) is the b side and a more heavy track but still quite slow and mystical in some way.  The band also have a new full length record called Kristalliarkki that is excellent. I really like it a lot.. A cool band.. Hope they come back to Denmark again..

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