Friday, February 6, 2015

Kalamata- Kalamata (Zygmatron Music ZYG3)

Kalamata are a new instrumental three piece band from Germany. This is their debut, just released in Jan 2015 and the band are out on the road a lot this year according to the promotion information.. Anyway, the first thing you must know is that this CD has to be played loud. I heard it a few times in December and never really got into it much until now when I sit down to review it and play it LOUD.. The CD features 7 tracks that make up one sentence when read together and starts off with You. The intro is kind of spacey with just bass and guitar to start before a massive change in sound as everything kicks in loud. A slow hypnotic pace is kept as the track slowly takes shape with small changes, just enough to keep it interesting. The band likes to change dynamics the same way that bands like Colour Haze, Sungrazer, My Sleeping Karma do. Have starts off a bit doomy and repeats itself over and over until the guitar riff changes to a more intense faster riff and then back to the doom. To is the 3rd track and like the first starts with a clear guitar stream before the drums and bass kick in to take the free floating groove away in a more relaxed fashion as the guitar is more adventurous and not so repetitive until the end, which really rocks hard and then a very cool ending. Cool song. Die starts with a heavy bass line, as a track titled DIE should. This track actually has a pretty happy thread at times and the riffing reminds me of the SWORD, if you remember those guys. Soon has some really good dynamics and lots of changes in this short under 4 min track. Mother speeds things up with frantic drumming and a heavy groove and nice guitar riff in another short track. Fucker ends the record and goes back to the doomy track 2 style and might be a bit like Sardonis from Belgium. Anyway, a powerful instrumental record with a lot of cool tracks despite almost no lead guitar but enough guitar changes and riffs to make it quite cool. Let’s see if they jam any of these tracks out live with some more solos or anything. Check out my friend Jerry’s review for another opinion. Peace.

The promo sheet mentions Kyuss, hawkwind and Motorpsycho and I have to say, those bands never came to my mind while hearing this CD and I have all the records by those bands. Strange…

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