Saturday, January 24, 2015

Easy Chair- Easy Chair EP (World In Sound WIS-1046)

Easy Chair was a four piece band from Canada. Phil Kirby- Guitar, Vocals, jeff Simmons- Bass, Lead vocals, piano, Peter Larsen- Guitar (lead vocals on My Own life), and Albert Malosky- Drums.  These tracks were recorded in 1968 and released on a very rare one sided album. This is the first official reissue ever. The first is called Slender Woman and is mostly instrumental with a slow beginning with a lot of different changes some focus on the guitar, the bass, the piano but eventually a cool stoney blues feeling develops in the track. It has a bit of a Jefferson Airplane feeling also. Jeff was for sure a fan of Marty Balin. My own Life is next and a more uptempo track but still a bit jammed out with a nice wah guitar section. Easy Chair ends this single album side. It starts with some piano and has some nice harmony vocals. Quite a stoney sound… I really did enjoy this a lot but it is not mind blowing stuff. I could image they were a really cool live band though, if you ever got to see them. If you like West Coast stuff, early MAN, check it out…

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  1. Would really dig a FLAC/LOSSLESS version to capture even more of this magical recording, mac