Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Rising Sun Experience- Beyond the Oblivious Abyss (World in Sound WIS-3022)

This is a fairly new five piece band from Portugal! This is their 2nd record. The band play a great mixture of really groovy rock and roll, psychedelic tinges, progressive tinges, interesting song arrangements and a like for analog sound and gear. The long track, Countries Off starts things with a groove and hook that you cannot avoid digging and then the track really goes off into a very cool jam and never looks back completely.. The theme sort of reappears after some spacey analog synth sounds.. Great song. The Integrity begins with a slow smooth groove with some hand drums, organ and vocal before having some nice mood swings with a great melodic guitar solo. Infinite space of a Man without Character takes off at a fast pace and is quite a different beast than the previous track with a lot of intensity and an aggressive nature and is very short. Sailing on the corner of Danes Eye (cool title) starts slow, spacey and floating with some nice mellotron and a beautiful melody and then the rock and roll kicks in but it has a more cool groove like an US jam band feel. Very cool stuff with a great lead organ that compliments the singing but the song changes to a much heavier and darker theme with some really cool synth sounds towards the end. Wasted Dreams of Red Flowers is the last track, basically a full album side but it is broken up into five pieces starting with the spacey Bird of Paradise and just continues with many really cool keyboard solos and guitar solos and jamming spacey parts. There are some vocals as well but it is mostly instrumental music. What a great find. There are not many bands that I know of from Portugal besides Saturnia that play such adventurous music. Great album. I will have to find their first one now!

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