Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lords of Saturn- Pillars of Deception 7” (Some other Records SOR001)

Lords of Saturn are a new band from Norway. The band is led by Mathias Lodmalm who also wrote both the songs, does the vocals and plays guitar. The band is a 5 piece with drums, bass, percussion and additional guitars. The A side (Plays on 33rpm) starts with Black Triangles. This is pretty heavy and dramatic stuff. The singing in the heavy part reminds me a bit of Metallica. The track has good dynamics but I missed a guitar solo, just a lot of riffing and intensity. The title track is on side B. It is also a slow heavy riffer with some dark feelings and moods as the track does from dark to light. I don’t listen to much music like this so it is hard for me to compare it to anyone I know. Check them out on the web.. You get the lyrics on the back of the 7” to both tracks, which is nice. Cool artwork design.

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