Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Spacelords- Synapse (Sulatron Records st1403)

 I have not heard this German band but this is their 4th release and first on vinyl. Marcus from this band is the current drummer in Electric Moon as well.  The LP features for mainly instrumental tracks of space rock. The trip begins with Synapse, which has a hypnotic bass line, a slow building guitar line and riff and a lot of bubbling space sounds. A point later the organ comes in and towards the end the synths make it feel like a UFO is going to land in the living room. Pretty cool. Sitarguitar is exactly what the title says, a slow spacey sitar guitar piece that really has a great atmosphere. Nice trip.. Flip the record over and the track No.2 starts with an organ, some floating wind and delay guitar as the drummer shows the way forward into space. This track reminds me a bit of My Sleeping Karma with its hypnotic qualities and repeated guitar lines. Pyroclastic Monster has a really beautiful guitar line that runs in the track at the beginning. Very nice dynamics and layers a bit like Folkazoid. A strange vocal sample is thrown in a few times to mix it up and also some intense riffing at the end a bit like Farflung. A very cool space rock record.

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