Sunday, November 25, 2012

THE SNAILS- S/T CD (Action Records)

The Snails are a Greek 60’s style garage rock band. They released their debut 7” Heartbreaker on Action Records last year. The record is a mix of original music and three cover songs (I’m Five years ahead of my Time, Gypsy Woman and Satisfaction Guaranteed). 14 tracks in 41mins starting off with the cool track, Sidewalk.  I like the hard surf garage riff and harmonica solo. The Third bardo cover was short and straightforward. Tramp has a reverb guitar line and cool bass line. Tide and Coffin both see the return of the harmonica. Pollution is one of the more psychedelic tracks. Surfazat ends this pretty cool CD with an instrumental surf track. If you like 60s garage surf psych stuff. Digipack CD comes with a small sticker as well. 

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