Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spiders- Flash Point (Crusher Records CRCD019)

The Spiders have released one 10” and three 7” records and now a full length (quite short at only 28mins). The band is on tour in Europe with Graveyard in November to support the record. Axel, the Graveyard drummer played in the band in the early days and on the first release. Anyway, the band is hitting it hard with the band’s latest single, Weekend Nights. A fast paced track with some powerful vocals and a cool mid-section. Hang Man is a fast paced track with a pretty hard guitar riff but still damn catchy. They manage to sneak in some cool guitar parts in all of these tracks, which is one reason why I dig the band. Most bands playing this style of short 2-3mins hard rocking stuff forget about that and it is all just riffs but these guys really got it going.. Female vocalist (she also plays harmonica) Ann Sofie really sounds great. Love Me also has a catchy groove and bass line. Loss and Trouble is a more melodic laid back in the way it is sung but not the aggressive guitar riff and up down rhythm. Fraction was also released as a single and appears next in line here. A more melodic straight up track. Love the guitar riff though and it even features a simple harmonica solo. Above the Sky is by far the longest track (my nearly a minute!) at 4:40. It starts slowly with acoustic and electric guitar but really develops into a rocker. Rules of the Game kicks in with a awesome guitar riff. Hard to keep True has some fuzzed out guitar, harmonica and a pretty cool and different groove from most of the other songs. The most intense guitar solo on the record is also on this track. Great stuff. Stendec ends this CD with a really fast and hard hitting guitar riff. They need to get Alice Cooper to do some backing vocals on the next record.. This is one of those records you really need to crank up LOUD…

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