Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blackberry Smoke- The Whippoorwheel (Southern Ground Artists SGA012)

One of favorite southern rock bands is finally back with another studio album. They are on the road a lot so they don’t make so many albums. This is only their 3rd in 12 years. Six ways to Sunday starts the record and it is about being in love and showing that to your mate. A really catchy song with a piano lead line. Pretty little Lie has that slight country feel that they do very well. Everybody knows she’s Mine really reminds me of a Lynryd Skynryd honky tonk like track. One Horse Town is the single and it an amazing acoustic song with a slight country tinge (and pedal steel) Excellent lyrics about being from a small town and not escaping when you had a chance. Some of these songs like the title track, Everybody knows she’s Mine and Sleeping Dogs were on the bands excellent live DVD they released last year. Ain’t much left of Me has a bit harder riff and a nice organ and slide guitar solo. The title track is a countryish song. Lucky Seven is another piano honky tonk track. Leave a scar is the fastest song on the record and also really a catchy groove and fun lyrics. Ain’t got the blues starts off sounding like it is recorded with a mic far away and then it kicks in to the real track. Fun track.  Sleeping Dogs has a killer laid back vibe. Love this one. Shaking hands with the Holy Ghost has this heavy thumping bass line that drives the track. Up the Road is the last track and a piano acoustic guitar ballad and the only track with an sort of extended solo (great long guitar solo). Very passionate.

Anyway, it is a fucking great record and real sing along party music! The band is blessed with a singer that has a really down to earth voice and writes really cool lyrics that can really reach people. The way the band structure their songs is pretty similar often and they use the Hammond in the same way on a lot of songs as well but they write great songs. I wish they would rock a little harder and do some jamming, have some longer solo sections but I just to have to be satisfied that they are just brilliant anyway!

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