Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GNOD - 'LiveBirth' cassette (WHO-04 c38)

UK based psychedelic kraut drone rock band, GNOD are back with their latest cassette only release and this time it is totally improvised material from the bands first ever gig in 2007! It was recorded at their local dig, The Royal Oak, Chorlton and features Gnodders G (Monstrosus SEX GHOST), Sie Haslam, Jim Bonham and a fuckload of wannabe hippies (so the band says…). The opening track develops into a very cool jam with a lot of tribal drumming and a cool groove going. This track is more or less the same for a while but when it starts to loose it, they kick back into life with some spaced out sounds and the bass is back pushing in your face and the guitar comes back a bit more and it really gets intense. Cool stuff. They give the jam 4 song titles but there is no real transitions in this 38min jam. The same thing is repeated on both sides of the tape. The cool cover is by Justin Wright of Expo70 and the tape is made in only 150 copies.

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