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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Banj O))) CD (Hulina Records 018)

This is a very strange 2 song, 20min triple banjo drone EP…  As the name hints, a bit of Sunn O)) inspiration…  Two banjos and a cello banjo. L. Don Ökami also sings a bit. The opening track is called Oh Death. It is quite dark and droning and then the vocals kick in a bit before 2mins. IT is mostly a spoken word like voice. The dark drone continues and then it nearly comes to and end at 7 mins and a new directions take forth.  Boil them Cabbage Down has a more fuzzed out distorted and trippy sound and more things going on over the course of the 13min track.  Just when you think it is over there is small trippy section at the end of the CD. If you like a slightly different take on Sunn O))), you should check this out.  I think this would fit in well at Roadburn Festival.

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