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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Rattlesnake- Time is Come CD (In for the Kill Records 007)

Rattlesnake is another band that Adam Kriney (The Golden Grass, La Otracina) plays and sings in. The band has previously release a 7” (on H42/In for the Kill Records) and a cassette. This new CD EP features 3 new tracks as well as the other tracks from the releases mentioned above.  The EP starts off with the two new songs (and one cover). Time is Come opens things with a sort of ZZTOP like riff and feel before it takes another bluesy path. The riff gets repeated occasionally through the song. The lead vocal duties are shared between Adam and guitarist JP. Dan, the bass player also does some backing vocals. About 4mins in they enter into a pretty jam with some great bass and guitar lines and solos. Next up is Rock n Roll Outlaw by Rose Tattoo. This is a hard one to cover. The track is played a little slower than the original and musically pretty cool but I have to say the vocals are the weak point on this one, whereas the original has that nasty edge, which I really dug, that is just lacking here. Burning way of Life (newly recorded and extended version from their first cassette) is the longest track and probably the best of the three with a nice hard rocking footstomping groove. It really rocks around between 3-4 mins with a cool guitar solo section, where JP tries out different effects pedals to alter his sound and mood. Adam and Dan just rock it out. Great jam on this track. Inspired by the band, Stray, perhaps!

You can hear the entire EP below.

Dirt in my Eyes and Picture Perfect are both from the limited edition 7”. Dirt is a rocker with a totally different sound production from the previous songs and a bit more melodic and smooth.  Like the other tracks there is a longish guitar solo section in the middle. Picture Perfect is a mid-paced track with a happy Marshall Tucker like vibe or Charlie Daniels (minus the fiddle!). The circular guitar riff and the backing vocals give it that more classic rock feel.

This is followed by the bands debut cassette tape tracks and starts off with Burning Way of Life, their original recording of this track. This version has a different sound production, a bit more low end. The overall track is pretty similar but the mid section is much shorter on this original version. The Reason Why is one of the most hard hitting tracks the band has in its repertoire, with a great wah guitar and bass at the start of the track. Lots of cool parts to this great track. Wicked Man is the CD closer with another quite hard edged guitar riff but never forgetting about bringing in those melodic licks and vocal choruses to give it a happy feeling at times as well. Great drive on this one in the non-singing sections.

If you are a fan of the Golden Grass with a little dash of southern rock then you will dig these guys for sure.

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