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Friday, October 23, 2015

Toner Low, Phant, and Nether- KB18, Copenhagen Oct 22nd, 2015

I had not seen a concert at KB18 in some years. I just don’t really like the place or the vibe and the sound had always been pretty bad. I arrived at the same time as my friend Tom and we soon met up with Morten (the mountain!), Jens and his girlfriend and some of the folks from Måneskjold as well… Toner Low folks, who have been my friends for years, were hanging out on the steps smoking..   We all chatted for a while and then Nether was soon to start so I went in and paid my 60kr and got a beer (29kr for a can of Tuborg). The place is massive amounts of graffiti and looks terrible but they have greatly improved the sound system and it is loud as well..

            The singer in Nether is a Portuguese guy named Tiago, who was singing in another band that I saw and reviewed last week called Dreich. He has such in insane and intense voice. So powerful.. Nether were more or less a DOOM band but they had a lot of diverse tracks, which was great. IT was not all just the same and the bass player was great and did not play only on the E string. Hardly any guitar solos but lots of interesting riffs.. A cool band to follow. They have only recorded a 4 track demo but have enough for a record now, it seems. They just have to get down to record it.. I guess they played about 30mins.

Set List: Bang-Bang-Bang, Sign of the Wolf, Cruel, Recluso, Addiction is Misery, Seething Evil, ??

Next up was a Swedish band from a few hours north of Stockholm called Phant. I don’t think they had ever played in CPH before, as no one I asked had ever heard of them. They did not have any music for sale but they have a couple of digital EPs and live recordings (including a Toner Low cover!). They were a four piece where all the sound effects guy, guitarist (did most of the angry screaming), and bass player all did some vocals.. All in a quite shouted style.. The music was very intense, riffing doomy stuff with the guy in the middle with a table of effects pedals, a mixer and a Korg Monotron Delay, as his main weapon of attack. He really tortured that thing. I have one and love it but I have never been tempted to make the evil sounds that he produced from it..  Very intense band. Phew.. More heavy stoner doom stuff..
Set List: 1. Odyssey, 2. Nativitas/Hakaisha, 3. Cúrsa Imbhualadh, 4. Lo, 5. End o

At last, Toner Low hit the stage with some cool marijuana projections on the back of the stage and Jack the drummer, set with his sunglasses and Jack, the guitarist with his ear protection and they were ready. The sound was just massive and loud and great.. The sound man, who also mixed in their spaced out far out sounds, did a tremendous job as it was amazing.. The band played more or less the same set as last time I saw them but this was just so massive it blew everyone away. The band is quite limited in what they are doing, with the guitar riffs nearly the same with some slight variations, on most of the tracks, especially the newer stuff but it is effective and just takes you there.. This has to be one of the most powerful stoner doom bands. They even played an encore, which is pretty unusual. Pity there was only about 30 people watching the band.  I had a really fun night.. Such nice people to hang out and talk with as well.

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