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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lizards Exist- Lizards Exist (Private release Croatia 2015)

Lizard Exist is a new band from Croatia playing instrumental music with a focus on obtaining authentic 70s sound using only old analog gear. The band has released this CD in just 100 copies and is looking for a label to release it on vinyl, as it should be. It was all recorded live in the studio in March 2014. The first track is entitled Bamija. It starts off with a heavy bass line and some spacey guitar and then a kind of jazzy theme begins. A lot of different directions are explored and Roko plays some really nice keyboards as Sinisa takes the main lead with the guitar parts. About 4½ mins in the track really gains in intensity and they get a bit psyched out. Ljetni Hit starts straight out the end of the first track quite seamlessly. The band is experimenting quite a bit at the start and around 3½ mins a more cohesive track comes together as the guitar leads the way and the keyboard player compliments with some space sounds and then takes the lead for a bit. A short drums solo kicks in a bit before 6mins and then a great organ jam takes off for the rest of the track ending at 7mins. 58 takes up the next 7½ mins and starts off quite funky and then goes onto a section that reminds me of GONG but without the sax and then they switch direction with a nice guitar break and cool organ to accompany. Great song. The CD ends with the 17min track, Anunnaki Dance. This has so many cool moods in it as well but starts off with a sort of space surf guitar with some spacey accompaniment. I should also mention the excellent bass and drums.. A very cool band. I look forward to follow their progression. If you dig instrumental bands with a bit of jazz, kraut and tiny bit of space rock thrown in.. check them out on the link here... 

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