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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Noetics- Delayed Back remixed (State of the Art Records SOTA011)

The German psychedelic world music band are back with a new CD in a small cardboard sleeve with a glue on artwork as well as a double vinyl. It has different versions of most of the songs from the Delayed Back CD from 2009 but they have been remixed by various people. I have very mixed views of this material actually. I have been a big fan of the bands Ozric Tentales like sounds that they started off with and the way they have travelled a nice journey to create their own psychedelic world music. Peninsolar starts things off with a chilled dub vibe. Dschungelgel√∂t has this really chilled elevator techno jazz bar feeling. Grant Lump also has this pretty smooth techno groove but I quite like the violin line. Shinkenwurst Dub is just as it says, a very relaxed dub. Vibrant Hydrant is also very chilled with a sax and some violin. Rumpankong features some rapping and female vocals over a reggae style remix in this Ramfma and knut remix. VeJon Kennedy does his own totally different remix of Pennisolar and instead of dub this has a quite deep bass line and fast programmed drumming.  Tom tyler remixes Vibrant hydrant in a very cool and psychedelic track. This was my favourite on the remix record. Mahdrescher is another dub out trip mix. Rotterdub is a psacey dub. He CD ends with Der heikle Mann, which is also pretty relaxed. Anyway, some of these remixes have turned the band’s sound into some sort of laid back lounge music, while others have maintained more of the original vibe. I like the last half much better than the first. Take chance…

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