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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inner Light Orchestra- Pearl Moon (Astral Travel Agency ATA-002)

Inner Light Orchestra is a super cool gathering of members of the progressive and psychedelic rock world in Helsinki with members of Uzma, Hidria Spacefolk, Wasami, etc..  The CD has been a long time in the making but has finally been completed and released! Yeah! It is 5 long tracks (50mins) that will take you right back to the early 70s vibe of the great Finnish acts, Wigwam, Elonkorjuu, and Tasavallan Presidentti. Boogie Night starts with a reggae like guitar riff but then quickly changes and does not look back with the saxophone coming in and a more complex theme is repeated over and over while each person takes some solos. Cool and complex stuff. Winds of Oyá is the shortest track at 7 mins and features some really nice guitars from Samuel on the left channel and Heikki on the right trading back and forth. Kimmo lays down the grooving bass and Ville the drums. Jenni plays some saw on this track and Antti the sax. Lamentation of Ancestress features Jukka on the Hammond organ in a really cool progressive jazz rock workout. Summer Days, Summer Nights has a nice rhythm guitar followed by another with a wah effect that is mirrored by the sax in a very cool way. Very melodic, happy music for around the fire on a Finnish summer evening. The smooth bass line is just fantastic, in fact, Kimmo, really drives the music throughout the CD in a very cool way. This develops into a fantastic jam at the end with some great guitar solos and sax. Probably the most psychedelic track on the CD. Domestic Spirts closes out the CD. It starts with some acoustic guitars and flutes as it slowly builds up. This one also turns into a cool jam as well but with flute instead of sax and both guitar players doing solos S(Samuel left, heikka right channel). I sure hope this band makes some more albums as they are just fantastic.

There is no web site for the label or the band, sorry…..

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