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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Octopus Syng- Demo 2011 (Finland)

My friend, Jaire is back with another selection of 6 songs with a full band and not playing all the instruments himself this time. He is also not doing all the singing himself and many of the songs feature a female singer. The music is still very Syd Barrett inspired at times. The Day of Ganesha starts with a very nice organ and a cool bass line kicks in and the track does have a sort of mystic Indian mystic to it. A very cool song. Surrealistic Room has a really nice guitar theme but not that new if you are familiar with this band. I quite like the female singer. Jaire sings on the chorus. Countryside Mysticism is next and I really like this one. The guitar parts are very nice and the music is very happy. Cuckoo Clock Mysteries is a very cool guitar organ psychout song that lasts over 9 mins. These Precious Nights is next and starts with organ and some light guitar, hand drums and very spacey. The female singer is back in this lovely song. This song reminds me of Jefferson Airplane especially with the delivery of the vocals. Jaire plays some cool electric guitar as well, his best solo on the CD, perhaps. Great song. Rosie is the last song and sung by Jaire to start and then the female sing comes back in. I think Jaire has come up with a really cool set of new songs and is nearly ready to release a new record. Great..

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