Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cargo- Cargo (Pseudonym VP99.030)

Cargo were a very short lived side band from the Dutch band September. They made this one classic record for the Harvest label in 1972. I got a tape of this many years ago and it has always blown me away and now the vinyl has been rereleased in a double vinyl gatefold remastered from the original tapes and includes an entire 2nd lp of demos including two totally unreleased tracks. Anyway, the original LP starts off with the 11min Sail Inside track, which is a solid long jamming hard rock track with a bit of Allman Brothers-Wishbone Ash dual guitar work and a cool passionate vocal. Cross Talking is a funky instrumental track with super guitar soloing by both players. The real highlight of the record is the amazing 15min Summerfair track with it killer funky groove and just killer guitar jamming. Wow.. this one is just amazing. Side 3 starts with the unreleased Strings on Fire. It is a slow bluesy instrumental track which just provides a platform for the two guitar players to solo. The next track is the demo version of Sail Inside, which contains a different vocal track and guitar solos. This track has a beautiful ending. On the 4th side you have another instrumental version of this this track which has a really different end and solos. The unreleased track Last time I saw Dennis is a short funky instrumental track. Cool groove but they never really take off on it. What a fantastic release with great liner notes on the inside as well. This is a must have record if you like jamming 70s hard rock. My favourite Dutch record from the 70s…


  1. oh yeah my fav 70s Dutch album as well. love their intense jamming. what about bonus tracks I didn't like them at all

  2. yeah, great release. My vinyl is spinning on and on !